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Features -

Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosure -

KIRLOSKAR GREEN Acoustic enclosure shall be powder coated and fabricated out of 16 SWG CRCA MS sheet. The silent canopy shall be of nut bolt type construction. Critical processes of punching is done on CNC machines to maintain dimensional accuracy of holes within 0.1 mm. Powder coating is done after seven-tank surface preparation process of sheet metal. Canopy panel and doors shall have inside lining of FIRE-RETARDANT foam as acoustic material. Four hinged doors shall be provided to canopy, one door shall have glass window for control panel.

Base Frame

Base Frame -

Base frame is fabricated in sheet metal. The base frame is rugged in construction and designed for mounting KOEL engine and KG brush less alternator close coupled, with cross members mounted on AVM. The base frame shall have provision for mounting of acoustic enclosure & control panel on it. The base frame is having provision of lifting hook for convenient lifting of complete set, i.e. along with canopy, engine and alternator.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation -

The hot chamber of the canopy is properly insulated by mineral wool and aluminum foil to prevent excess heat radiation on the engine and safe for opera

Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank -

Removable Fuel tank shall be fabricated out of 14SWG CRCA MS sheet and is part of base frame. It is duly painted and fitted with inlet and outlet connections and mechanical fuel gauge. Fuel tank can be easily removed for cleaning or any maintenance.

Additional features of Kirloskar Green canopies -

  • Canopy fabricated on CNC machines with dimensional accuracy of 0.1mm so as to increase its durability
  • Special designed supporting ribs/ structures are used in Kirloskar green canopies so as to give sturdiness and to reduce the vibrations of the DG sets if any.
  • World class cooling package: Kirloskar Green canopies are having world-cooling package for which it can also perform at 45 deg C ambient temperature.
  • Canopy is powder coated after passing through seven tank processes and with Polypropylene powder for the longevity of the color.
  • Canopy is lined with world-class higher density acoustic foam, which is Fire Retardant (confirming to BS 4735/BIS 7888) that is having high noise absorption properties.
  • No grouting required on the ground, only a level surface capable of withstanding the DG weight.
  • Designed for installation in open-air conditions. For DG sets up to 82.5-kVA silencer is mounted inside the canopy. For canopies above 82.5 kVA silencer is mounted out side canopy.
  • Lockable doors provided: Kirloskar green canopies are provided with stainless steel door locks and aluminum die cast hinges to avoid rusting.
  • Lockable fuel filling arrangement provided external to the canopy.
  • Externally accessible emergency stop button is provided to stop the DG sets as and when need.
  • The exhaust gases is to be taken out through a suitable flexible pipe to prevent any back pressure on the engine.
  • Removable lifting hooks are provided so as that the former can be removed after completion of installation. Rope catchers are also provided on the rooftop so that there is no damage to the canopy while loading/ unloading.
  • Rooftops of Kirloskar green canopies are designed like box structure so as to give rigidity and with slopes so that there is no water accumulation on the rooftop.
  • All parts / components of Kirloskar green canopies are inter changeable (replaceable)

Temperature rise inside the canopy : Kirloskar Green canopies are very well designed so as to maintain the temperature difference between ambient and air inlet at air cleaner within the enclosure well within 5-7 deg centigrade.

Servicing/ Maintenance : Servicing and maintenance of the DG set is very much simpler in Kirloskar green canopies by providing larger size doors.

Given below are some the special features of DG sets marketed by us -

  • Compact, sleek, manual / automatic
  • Sound proof and weather proof enclosure
  • Confirms to statutory Government noise level norms
  • Enclosure is of modular construction with provision to assemble and dismantle easily
  • Fuel tank is provided with breather and drain plugs for filling and draining diesel from outside the enclosure
  • Fuel level is indicated with the help of fuel gauge meter
  • Drain plugs provided outside the enclosure for draining mobile oil
  • Battery is provided in a tray inside the enclosure
  • Doors have high quality gaskets to avoid leakage of sound
  • Sound proofing of enclosure is done with high quality foam, which is further covered with fiberglass sheet and perforated powder coated sheet
  • Specially designed sound attenuators are provided to control sound at air entry and exit points inside the enclosure
  • To make the system vibration free, mounting is done on anti-vibration pads mounted on base frame
  • Easy access to serviceable parts
  • Adequate ventilation to meet air requirement for combustion and heat removal
  • Illumination provided inside the enclosure
  • Silent DG set has safety features like high water temperature, low lube oil pressure, high enclosure temperature, emergency stop push-button outside the enclosure
  • Specially designed low noise silencer
  • Low fuel consumption
  • High efficiency
  • High grade of line inspection & rigid testing of each set
  • Trained service engineer/mechanic always enduring to your service
  • Supplied as per ISI specification
  • Half Handle Starting with no trouble

Services Offered :

  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • Operation and maintenance contracts
  • Shifting of DG sets
  • Supply, testing, commissioning and installation of DG sets
  • Repairing & major overhauling of all makes of DG sets
  • Genuine spares of all imported & Indian branded DG sets

We can also provide original filters for any DG set as on recommendation. Our services for this include the following :

  • Exhaust pipe line and its insulation
  • Super silent sound control canopies
  • Acoustic treatment of DG Room
  • Conversion of existing DGs to sound-proof DGs
  • Tailor made design to suite your requirement
  • Ducting & gliding

Understanding the customer’s requirement, delivering him the quality product and giving the dedicated service at reasonable and market competitive rates are our ultimate Mission. We constantly strive to keep our customers happy and fully satisfied.